Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I love her!

Lily is now sleeping for 13 hour at night with just one bottle around 4:30 am. Which is perfect because thats when J gets up for work so he feeds her while I pump and Lily and I are back in bed within 20 minutes. We are not good with the bed time routine. We try to give her a bath around 8, then bottle, then she falls asleep on J in the living room. J takes her to bed when he goes at 9 and I stay up to pump and do diaper laundry. I give her a dream feed when I go to bed between 10 and 11 and then we all sleep until either Lily wakes up or J's alarm gets us all up.

This kid is such a good baby it makes me want another one right now, but I know there is no way I will have such a good baby again. I will probably pay my dues with the next one.

Lily had some tests done at the children's hospital last week. These tests were scheduled before she went home from the NICU because she had that UTI. She first had an ultrasound. She screamed through the whole thing. I knew she needed to poop since it had been a week (she is a once a week pooper)so I am thinking the pressing on her tummy hurt. Then we went for some xrays. She had to be cathed for it. I knew this was not going to end well since the last time she was cathed she pooped all over the nurse. Well, this time was no different. Cath went in and a weeks worth of poop came out. To make it even better the radiologist was the hottest doctor I have ever seen. My sister, who went with me, was literally drooling all over herself and she now refers to him as Dr. Sexy. She can't wait to tell Lily about the time she pooped on the hot doctor. The xrays showed that she has reflux into her left kidney, which is what caused the UTI and can cause further UITs if not treated.

My sister had to go buy some scrubs at the hospital next door (the original NICU Lilys was in) so we stopped by the NICU. We got to see my 2 favorite neonatoloigists. All the nurses came out to see her and were amazed at how big she has gotten. I talked to my favorite doctor about the results of her tests and he said they usually give antibiotics for a few months to prevent future UTIs and then redo the tests to see if the valve has matured and fixed itsself, if not then we discuss surgery, but a majority heal on their own. I am waiting on her pedi to get the results from the hospital and let me know what our next course of action is. I am hoping for the antibiotics and wait and see approach.

Lily is also rolling over tummy to back and grabbing toys and putting them in her mouth,although she would rather grab a burp cloth and put it in her mouth. I have tried and tried to get a video of her rolling over, but the second the camera comes out she just lays there and noms on her hand. :/

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Girl Carseat

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She is not sure if she likes it yet.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ordered Lily's Big Girl Car Seat

I found a great deal on Britax Marathons yesterday. It was too good to pass up. So now I am the proud owner of this:

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It will probably be a few more months before I transition her, but I love it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Cloth Diaper Reviews

1. Thirsties Fitteds: I love these. They are so soft and absorbent and not bulky at all. I got three of them in my mystery grab bags from babyhalfoff.com. I have size smalls and they fit her perfectly. They fit great under my size small Bummies and Thirsties Duo covers.

2. Dream-Eze fitted: I got one of these in my mystery bag and it is WAY too small for her. Size small is supposed to go up to 14 lbs and Lily is 11.5 and there is no way this thing would go on her.

3. Dream-EZE AIO: I got 2 of these in my mystery bags in size small. They are okay. They are very trim and fit great under her clothes and we have had no leaks, but they also run small. They are supposed to go up to 15 lbs and Lily is on the last row of snaps already so they will have to be retired way before 15 lbs. They also take forever to dry.

4. Monkey Snuggles: Love love love this diaper. Very trim and absorbent. I have one in size small and would love more, but she doesn't currently have any more smalls in stock. It is very small and I don't think it will fit her up to 15 lbs either. But it is wonderful under clothes. I am stalking her site for her to restock.

I just ordered 1 BumGenius AIO and 1 Thirsties Duo pocket from Kelly's closet. I had a code for a free one size diaper so I am excited to see what I get this time. Last time I got a Fuzzi Bunz which I like.

Right now I still have to do diaper laundry every night. I am still working to build up my stash so that I can go to every other day. But I really don't mind the laundry.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Month Stats

Lily's 4 month appointment was yesterday. I am so freaking excited that she made the "big girl" chart as her pedi called it. She weighs 11 lbs 9 ozs which puts her in the 10th percentile for her actual age! She is 23 1/4 inches long which puts her in the 20th percentile for her actual age! Her pedi is very happy with her growth and development and said she is doing amazing. She also got 2 shots and the rotovirus drink stuff. I think the drink pissed her off more than the actual shots. She cried for a few minutes but I was able to calm her down pretty quickly. She came home and drank a bottle and slept for 3 hours. She got a little fussy around 8:00 last night, but I gave her some tylenol and she was fine after that.

Her pedi said that stuff the nutritionist was saying about a calcium deficiency that could lead to osteoprosis is just a theory and that if I don't want to give her the formula I totally don't have to. This makes me happy. It kills me to give her the formula every night knowing there is a fride full of breast milk plus 2000+ ozs in the freezer. In my mind that milk is hers and she needs to have it. Its amazing the attachment you can form to milk. J doesn't get it. He thinks we should give her the formula just in case the theory is correct, but to me that feels like a punch in the gut.

Tomorrow my little girl will be 4 months old. Holy crap where has the time gone!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cloth Diaper Update

Let me just say I LOVE cloth diapering. I had come to hate disposables and I hate them even more now. I would like to say I do it for the environment etc., but honestly I stared because they were cute and I was sick of leaks and blowouts in the sposies. Lily has chunky legs and the sposies left deep red marks on her little legs, but a size up was too big and leaked. I don't even mind the laundry. I am still building my stash and getting the fluffy mail makes me happy lol. I have 2 mystery bags coming hopefully today from babyhalfoff.com. Can't wait to see what I get! I am also waiting on 2 Bumkins AIOs from Zulily. I ordered these things 2 weeks ago and still don't have an email saying they have shipped. I am getting impatient. I have have some hemp inserts, a pink pail liner and a Monkey Snuggles coming. I need a lot more so I don't have to do laundry everyday, but I need to take a break from buying things until after vacation. Want to make sure we have enough money for the outlets! coughCoachcough.

I was asked to review them so here is a review of the ones I have tried so far:

Green Mountain Diapers yellow edge prefolds: Meh. I don't like how they hold the wetness against her skin. I just made some fleece liners so we will see if that helps. I doubt I will order more prefolds once she out grows these. Well, I think she may have outgrown them. I can't fold them around her and pin the with a snappi, she is too wide (she takes after her mom). I fold them in thirds and put them in a cover. I have not had any leaks with them though.

Green Mountain Diapers yellow edge fitted: This thing does not fit her at all.

Bumgenius 3.0s: These are okay but the one size insert that comes with them is very bulky when its snapped into the smallest setting (which is what Lily is in). It works great for overnight with the OS insert and a doubler. I have ordered some thinner inserts so hopefully that will help with the bulk factor and they will fit better under her clothes during the day. Also the Aplix sucks. I have had them 2 weeks and it already looks ancient. The 4.0s will have a snap option. I recommend the snaps.

Fuzzy Bunz one size pocket: I am not such a huge fan of this one right now. It tends to leak at the legs and is kind of bulky. I think it will be great once she is a little bigger though.

Fuzzy Bunz perfect size pocket: These are my favorites right now. They are super soft and the smalls fit her great and are not bulky at all with the insert they come with and I love the snaps. They are a little difficult on a squirmy baby, but they hold up way better than the Aplix fasteners.

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap: I love this cover. The small fits her perfectly. I hope to fine some fitteds I like to use with it since I am not loving the prefolds.

Thirsties Duo wrap: I like this cover alright, but there is no way the size one will fit up to 18 lbs like they claim. Lily is around 12 lbs and I already have it on the largest setting. But it works well and is cute. I will hold off on ordering any more of these though until she can fit in the size two, because I doubt the size one will fit past 14 lbs.

So far thats what I have. I will update as I try others (hopefully soon if all the stuff I have ordered ever gets here!)

Also tomorrow is Lily's 4 month check-up and shots. Eeeeek!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My new obsession

Cloth diapers. Seriously these things are addictive. I can't stop myself from buying them. I am still building my stash so its okay for now. So far I have 5 BumGenius one size 3.0s (The 4.0s come out this month so I will have to try those too!), 1 Fuzzi Bunz one size, 2 Fuzzi Bunz size smalls, 6 Green Mountain Diapers yellow edge prefolds, one Green Mountain Diapers yellow edge fitted 1 Thirsties Duo cover in size 1 and one Bummies cover in size small. I am still waiting on 2 Bumkins AIOs that I got a great deal on on Zulily and 2 mystery bags of diapers and accessories from Babyhalfoff.com (so excited over the "mystery" part). I am still just trying out different things to see what I like. I have only used the BumGenius so far because the others just came is last night and had to be prepped but they are now ready for use! Here is my stash:

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