Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I love her!

Lily is now sleeping for 13 hour at night with just one bottle around 4:30 am. Which is perfect because thats when J gets up for work so he feeds her while I pump and Lily and I are back in bed within 20 minutes. We are not good with the bed time routine. We try to give her a bath around 8, then bottle, then she falls asleep on J in the living room. J takes her to bed when he goes at 9 and I stay up to pump and do diaper laundry. I give her a dream feed when I go to bed between 10 and 11 and then we all sleep until either Lily wakes up or J's alarm gets us all up.

This kid is such a good baby it makes me want another one right now, but I know there is no way I will have such a good baby again. I will probably pay my dues with the next one.

Lily had some tests done at the children's hospital last week. These tests were scheduled before she went home from the NICU because she had that UTI. She first had an ultrasound. She screamed through the whole thing. I knew she needed to poop since it had been a week (she is a once a week pooper)so I am thinking the pressing on her tummy hurt. Then we went for some xrays. She had to be cathed for it. I knew this was not going to end well since the last time she was cathed she pooped all over the nurse. Well, this time was no different. Cath went in and a weeks worth of poop came out. To make it even better the radiologist was the hottest doctor I have ever seen. My sister, who went with me, was literally drooling all over herself and she now refers to him as Dr. Sexy. She can't wait to tell Lily about the time she pooped on the hot doctor. The xrays showed that she has reflux into her left kidney, which is what caused the UTI and can cause further UITs if not treated.

My sister had to go buy some scrubs at the hospital next door (the original NICU Lilys was in) so we stopped by the NICU. We got to see my 2 favorite neonatoloigists. All the nurses came out to see her and were amazed at how big she has gotten. I talked to my favorite doctor about the results of her tests and he said they usually give antibiotics for a few months to prevent future UTIs and then redo the tests to see if the valve has matured and fixed itsself, if not then we discuss surgery, but a majority heal on their own. I am waiting on her pedi to get the results from the hospital and let me know what our next course of action is. I am hoping for the antibiotics and wait and see approach.

Lily is also rolling over tummy to back and grabbing toys and putting them in her mouth,although she would rather grab a burp cloth and put it in her mouth. I have tried and tried to get a video of her rolling over, but the second the camera comes out she just lays there and noms on her hand. :/

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